What We're About

Back in 2012 a couple buddies of mine and I used to get together in the pizzeria after work and cook some chicken wings and drink some beers.  This went on for months until one Friday night we had realized that the same old wing sauces just weren’t cutting it anymore.  It was at that point that we took to the shelves of products and ingredients and started mixing stuff together.  We had come up with the very first version of what was later going to be named Awesome Sauce.  The trouble with drinking and creating recipes is that we couldn’t quite remember the ratios of ingredients that we had created.  The trick was re-creating that recipe.  Once that was done, we took to the customers to find a name for said sauce.  We started sampling the sauce to regular customers and the response was the same ~ That’s Awesome!!!  Therefore, the sauce more or less… named itself.