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In 2012 a bunch of buddies got together and decided they wanted more in their wing sauce! After much trial, drinking, error, mixing, testing, and tasting they created a sauce like no other! They took it to their customers to find a name for said sauce. Sampling the sauce to their regular customers and the response was the same ~ That’s Awesome!!! Therefore, the sauce more or less… named itself.

recipe ideas

Awesome Sauce is not just for wings. We have culinary creative customers who have shared their ideas of what our sauce tastes great on! Try it as a topping on Breakfast sandwiches, eggs, pulled pork or chicken, pork chops, cheeseburgers, salad, macaroni and cheese, mac salad, or put it on your table and try it on EVERYTHING!

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Whether it is in store or served up at your favorite restaurant. Find Awesome Sauce near you.